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Our shade net is an Agriculture net, that is why it is treated against Ultra Violet rays, It is the same reason why it can last for 5 years and above without becoming brittle.
Nursery operators have been duped by people dealing in scaffolding nets, scaffolding nets are used for building construction, they are not UV treated and their useful life does not exceed one year, others can even work for only 6 month and they become brittle.
Scafolding nets (not UV treated) normally come with a width of 1.5mtrs, 2 mtrs , 3 mtrs or 4 mtrs, their length does not exceed 50 mtrs per Roll).
Note that the Original Agricultural Net on Ugandan market is 6×100 metres per Roll
Scaffolding nets  are made of a material called Nylon.
Original Agricultural Shade Nets are made of a material called High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 
Colour: Black
Weight: 100g/SM
Dimensions : 6 metres x 100 meters per Roll ( 600 Sqm )
Treatment: UV treatment Higher
Shade Rate: 70% – 75%  Shade, 25% -30% light
Useful: 5 – 10 years, We can therefore comfortably offer warranty of 5 years to our East African Clients

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  1. Sam

    Good quality net. Have had mine for over 7 years now

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