Mak soy 3N seeds

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  • Tall variety.
  •  A variety with an oil content of 22% and protein content of 36%.
  • Large seeded with yellow helium.
  • Resistant to soybean rust and pod shattering.
  • Resistant to most common pests and diseases.
  • Spacing: 10 cm × 60 cm (2 seeds per hole)
  • Seed rate: 30 – 35 kg/acre
  • Maturity: 1o5 days
  • Yield potential: 12000kgs/acre

1 review for Mak soy 3N seeds

  1. Emmanuel

    Your information on soyabean yield is wrong. You can’t lie farmers that they can harvest 12000 kgs /acre. Review this misinformation with urgency. We understand that a farmer can harvest between 600-1200 kg per acre. Please edit

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