H614D maize seeds

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2 Kg



  • Is the most popular variety in the high altitude growing areas of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania
  • It hardly lodges, tolerant to blight leaf and ear diseases; and weevil attack, therefore has a long shelf life.
  • Is good for ugali/posho and has a sweet taste when roasted.
  • Yields: 38 bags/ acre
  • Maturity: 150 days
  • Seed rate: 10kg/acre
  • Spacing: 75cm x 25cm-one seed per hill

2 reviews for H614D maize seeds

  1. iwahuweluboxi

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  2. Beatrice kilwake

    My maize H614D is already tussling while still at an average size, I always believe it should tussle while growing tall, could this be a new variety with this characteristics? Am worried about the yielding.

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