Fertiplus organic Fertiliser

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A bag of 25KGs



Fertiplus Organic Fertilizer is very rich in all Macro and Micro nutrients. It is used on all crops, ensures long-term preservation and enhancement of soil fertility.
Nitrogen for leaves development.
Phosphorus for roots development.
Potassium for Fruit development / enlargement.
Calcium to prevent flowers and fruits abortions.
Magnesium helps in photosynthesis by facilitating enzymes development.

The humic acid stimulate plant growth. it is an ionically distributed state in which it can easly be absorbed by the plant, over and above any normal mineral nutrients. Humic acid also stimulate the development of micro flora populations in the soil.

When Fertiplus is used, the soil becomes better and there is less occurrence of pests and diseases so less use of pesticides and fungicides. This is due to presence of Humic or Fluvic acid.

The high Organic matter in Fertiplus increases water retaining capacity, restores depleted soil to a healthy pH balance and increases beneficial microbiological activity.

Use of Fertiplus ensures the food items produced are free from harmful chemicals ( Nontoxic food).

2 reviews for Fertiplus organic Fertiliser

  1. Asan

    Really good fertilizer

  2. nathan

    how do i apply fertiplus fertolizer; i want to apply it on irish potatoes

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