FarmKart Membership

“Your farm inputs ordering/sourcing assistant”Experience simplicity at its best

You can now easily & conveniently order for all your farm inputs from your favorite suppliers by just one click, anytime anywhere.

With just a click, FarmKart members can now conveniently order farm inputs for both crop and livestock , request extension, consultancy and veterinary services.You can also order via a phone call or a WhatsApp


  1. FarmKart membership is free
  2. FarmKart Prime membership is UGX 39,000 per month (Free delivery in Kampala)

Benefits for FarmKart members

  1. Dedicated support that is tailored to your farm needs
  2. Order your farm inputs from multiple suppliers by just one click
  3. Get the best quality & certified products/services on the market
  4. Hustle free ordering. Receive your orders from multiple suppliers with just one click without having to move shop to shop
  5. Save time & money. Get best deals by purchasing at the best prices on the market conveniently, anywhere anytime
  6. Get recommendations on the best product/service on the market
  7. Free Delivery in Kampala (For FarmKart prime members only)

How to join

  1. Fill out the form bellow
  2. After receiving your details, we will get in touch to confirm your membership and give you your ID number
  3. You will now be a FarmKart /FarmKart prime member

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